bfslider showcase

In version 1.3.4 a fade animation was added to the slider. The slider can show pages and posts. The pages can be an image or html content. The posts part of the slider is enabled by setting the type to category, and it shows the posts pre formatted. There are several parameters to change the look of the slider, here are some examples. show the shortcodes

Page slider with fade animation

  • whitearchitecture
  • paperboat
[bfslider name="slides" type="page" height="349" buttons="true" speed="1000" animation="fade" auto="false"]

Content slider with numbering

[bfslider name="featured" type="category" imagesize="normal" numwords="40" height="270" imagewidth="500" imageheight="220" bgcolor="#666" color="#fff" numeric="true" auto="false"]

Content slider showing feature images

[bfslider name="design" type="category" imagesize="feature" height="380" maximageheight="350" auto="false"]


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