Child themes, plugins, templates and imports will be added here.


Child themes for BigFeature

To use a child theme, just upload it and enable it like any other theme, but you need to have BigFeature installed for it to work (and BigFeature must be in the folder themes/bigfeature/. When renaming the folder or installations where the downloaded zip is installed will not work. Here’s how to install). The advantage with child themes are that you can do changes without touching the original theme. All the customizing css and php can be added to the child theme, and it will override BigFeature. This way it will easy to upgrade Bigfeature too, since all the modifications are in the child theme. Ask/search in the forum if you have any questions about child themes.

Read the readme file coming with the child themes for instructions how to set it up!

  • bfBlank – a blank child theme. Just add css to the style.css for modifications to the theme.
  • Topart – a simple example with a background image (only 3 lines of css code).
  • BFArea | Demo – Full width Feature area and custom settings. (see readme.txt for instructions).
  • BFNav | Demo – 3 navigations and a custom footer (see readme.txt for instructions).
  • BFWide | Preview – Full width header and footer (see readme.txt for instructions).
  • bfct01 | Demo – see readme.html (inside the zipfile) for setup instructions.
  • bfct02 | Demo – see readme.html (inside the zipfile) for setup instructions.
  • bfct03 | Demo – see readme.html (inside the zipfile) for setup instructions.
  • bfr | Demo – Responsive.
  • bfTopnav | Demo – Adds a top header with a navigation (that can be set as fixed). Setup info.
  • bfct04 | Demo – Masonry portfolio. see readme.txt (inside the zipfile) for setup instructions.

Importer Plugin

Custom version of the WordPress importer plugin where it updates existing posts instead of skipping them. This is useful for updating snippets, templates and other content. It also checks for a _modified custom field, and only updates newer versions (this is built in to the snippets system). Here’s code to add the _modified functionality to a custom post type (add in functions.php of a child theme and replace the posttype name).

Download the BF Import plugin.


Setup Data for Big Feature

Starter data to setup bigfeature.

Download bigfeature-setupdata.


Vfxdude bbPress template

This is the bbPress template used here. Modify header.php to change the sitename, slogan and navigation. I also created a similar styled child theme. If you want a forum that fits your BigFeature design without any modifications, I recommend using the Simple:Press plugin. See this forum thread for more info about Simple:Press.

Download the template.